• Who comes first: The consultant or the coach?

    There are times where I need to wear the hat of the consultant and others where I need wear the hat of the coach. How do I choose which hat to wear? Read More +
  • At the end of my leash!

    What are the three key types of events that we seemingly go through in our lives. Read More +
  • Leaders, teams and garage leagues

    What can hockey garage leagues teach us about teams and leadership? Read More +
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Why this matters to us?

We’re three seasoned executive/leadership coaches who were drawn to the work of Tribal Leadership. We knew how important the “soft skills” were in leadership, including the impact of culture on everything from performance to overall well-being. But until this ground breaking culmination of over 10 years of research, getting traction in this critical area was daunting for leaders.

We originally met each other as participants in the "Tribal Leadership Intensive” programs offered by CultureSync. We became a triad in the crucible leading to our certification as “Approved Tribal Leaders”. In early 2013, out of our aligned passions and frustrations came this website designed to provoke people, leaders and workers, to stop acting like zombies and wake up to greater possibilities.

It’s time for people to live into their personal leadership and for passionate leaders who feel trapped in their current roles to be unleashed. There’s an alternative to being the walking dead, and we’re committed to provoking you in to seeing it.