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How leaders take responsibility for their impact

In our lives we have a lot more impact on what happens around us as well as on the people surrounding us than we care to believe.  As leaders, it is important for us to understand the impact we really...

/ July 4, 2014
The Safety

And what if leadership was a permission?

The workplace is changing.  The new and exciting workplaces are focusing on creating an environment where employees will feel more engaged and involved in their work.  We are going through a generation change in the workplace where old leadership methods...

/ June 20, 2014
Happiness Guaranteed

Stumbling on Happiness

Breaking up patterns changes perspective. Could the key to happiness lie there too? Harvard professor Daniel Gilbert shares what he discovered scouring all the happiness literature he could. Watch this video to see why he called his book Stumbling on...

/ November 4, 2013

What You Need Most Is Just An Invite Away

I’ve been noticing a lot of talk lately about transparency and openness in organizations. A colleague, Mark Taylor, recently gave a talk at TEDx Times Square in NYC where that was the theme. But taking these themes back to ground...

/ May 31, 2013

Violating Our Values to Meet Our Needs

Why do people violate their values? Why do we do things that we don’t want to do?  It’s because people will violate their values to meet their needs.  Our work is really focused on values, personal values and organizational values. ...

/ February 28, 2013
Garage league hockey

Garage league leaders

Every Friday night, I play hockey in a garage league where I live.  Picture twenty guys, forty years old and over, desperately trying to create their Sportscenter highlight reel moment all the while claiming they are “just playing for fun”. ...

/ January 11, 2013