How to Give a Good Compliment

A good compliment lifts a person’s spirits, creates rapport and builds trust. Giving a compliment comes easily and naturally for some people and it feels difficult and awkward for others. It is simply a skill that takes practice to develop....

/ October 8, 2013


I noticed a while ago that in some environments, there is this perception that leadership is about playing nice with others and not rocking the boat too much.  In other words, in these environments, it seems like it is best...

/ September 10, 2013

“That’s Why They Call It Work, Stupid!”

Picture a senior executive in a company. This might be you. Or someone who works for you. Or your boss.  And he or she is out having dinner with friends, relaxed and being candid. This is where my account of...

/ August 13, 2013
Your way of being

Your way of being as a leader

I have this story that I carry along with me about being an achiever type person that very much knows how to DO but does not know how to BE.  The concept of having a “way of being” felt like...

/ June 2, 2013

What You Need Most Is Just An Invite Away

I’ve been noticing a lot of talk lately about transparency and openness in organizations. A colleague, Mark Taylor, recently gave a talk at TEDx Times Square in NYC where that was the theme. But taking these themes back to ground...

/ May 31, 2013

Understand how you occur to others

As a leader understanding how you and your leadership style occurs to people is critical.  You may find it meshes well with certain people while the same style is not as effective with others.

/ May 16, 2013

Leaders ask WTF?

Ever been in a situation where someone around you says something and your gut instinct kicks in and you cannot help but wonder “what the fuck” (WTF)?  Why did this person say that?  I bet that often when this kind...

/ April 3, 2013

Violating Our Values to Meet Our Needs

Why do people violate their values? Why do we do things that we don’t want to do?  It’s because people will violate their values to meet their needs.  Our work is really focused on values, personal values and organizational values. ...

/ February 28, 2013
Oxygen Mask

Where’s my oxygen mask?

This week, I started the process of what will definitely be a transformational year for me in an extended coaching program.  It is the first full week session we will have out of four that will occur throughout the year.

/ February 27, 2013

Naked Leadership Exposed

This has been a week of nakedness. Not of the flesh, but of the self. My partner and colleague Bonnie Flatt wrote a powerfully honest blog about vulnerability and leadership. Another colleague and partner Carrie Kish wrote a moving and...

/ February 16, 2013