A few years ago, I was delivering a presentation at a local user group meeting. During the question and answer period at the end, I went off on a little rant about various leadership challenges I see in organizations.

That rant spawned an article you will find on this site called “The Silent Leadership Crisis” and for me, it was the first time that I put tangible words around the leadership mindset I coach my clients towards which I call Co-creative leadership.

When I joined the Forbes Coaches Council last year, the first article that I wrote for them was called “Why leadership need to get more co-creative” which I republished on this site.

I am very passionate about this topic and I incorporate this leadership mindset in everything that I do from working with my own team at Pyxis Cultures, to how I deliver the Management 3.0 and other training courses that I give, to how I coach leaders in the organizations that I work with.

Co-creative leaders are a voice among many

The audio portion of this video comes from the recording of a talk titled: “The five key skills of a co-creative leader” I delivered in early 2017 at a leadership conference.

The content of the talk is loosely based on an article called “5 Skills Co-Creative Leaders Need to Know” that I guest wrote for trainingindustry.com.

Feel free to reach out to chat about co-creative leadership, talk about having me speak at your next event, or any other interesting reason you can think of!


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Steffan Surdek

I am a leadership development coach, corporate trainer, professional speaker and author. I believe in contributing to a greater cause, making a difference and adding value. Feel free to reach out, I would love to hear about the leadership challenges in your organization!

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